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V8 Engine

2016 Mercedes-Benz GL450

This 2016 Mercedes-Benz is a white SUV beauty, with all the necessary features such as a thumb started ignition and others. She has comfy leather sits, with a cool interior, that would make your journeys relaxing while driving.

Toyota Highlander 2009

This 2009 Toyota Highlander is a black coloured beauty, with amazing features made just for you and a cool colour interior. So sit back and enjoy the ride in this gray leathered beauty.


1. Thumb start ignition

2. Leather interior

3. 3 Row seat

4. Big Screen multimedia Entertainment

5. It has all the essential features

2014 BMW 750Li

This 2014 BMW 750Li is a midnight blue beauty, this beauty is loaded with all the features required to make driving easy and comfy.

2018 Toyota Camry SE

This 2018 Toyota Camry, is a gorgeous wine red beauty. The colour alone attracts your attention before even getting to explore the features built in, such as power steering, comfy leather sits and others.

2018 Toyota Highlander XLE

This 2018 Toyota Highlander is pale white in colour, not a colour you see often, it’s also an Xtra Limited Edition. The car is filled with features just for you to make driving so easy and relaxing.